Brazil Digital Future in Focus

The global leader in digital marketing and analysis, today announces the 2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus report. This annual report examines how prevalent trends in web usage, social media, online video, digital ads, mobile devices and searches are setting the current marketplace and how they tend to take shape for that coming year. Main trends and highlights will be presented by a complimentary live webinar on March 14, Thursday, at 3:00 p.m. (São Paulo time).

This session will be broadcast in Portuguese. For more information, visit:

"The Brazilian digital landscape has shown a significant change in 2012, caused by the strong rise of Social Networks," said Alex Banks, executive director of comScore for Brazil & Vice President in Latin America. "As these vehicles continue to grow, they will be promoting exciting new opportunities for media outlets that want to attract audiences and companies that want to reach consumers."

Key insights from the 2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus (#FiFBrasil) report include:

  • Consumers in Brazil spend more than 27 hours a month online on their computers, representing the highest average involvement of all 8 Latin American markets analyzed. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • The Internet audience in Brazil remains relatively young, with 18% of users aged 18-24 years and 30% between 25-34. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Mobile phones and tablets are becoming more important in the Brazilian Internet scene. Pageviews on devices that are not PCs (for example, smartphones and tablets) hit a record, with almost 6% of the total pageviews consumed by Brazilians during December 2012. (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
  • Retail online continues to grow in Brazil, with the total number of category page views reaching 9% increase during 2012. Mercado Livre remains the main retail property, reaching more than 14 million visitors in December. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Online marketing is on the rise, with more than 789 billion ad impressions released during 2012. Portals and social networks are the two largest categories of content these ads provide, representing a total of 45% of the market. was the largest online advertiser in Brazil in 2012, with more than 25 billion impressions. (Source: comScore Ad Metrix)
  • When it comes to social media marketing all the Social Networking sites capture the highest percentage of consumer time in Brazil, with 36%. Facebook has emerged as a strong leader of the category, with almost 44 million unique visitors in December 2012, 22% more than the previous year. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Online video consumption in Brazil grew 18% in 2012. Google Sites (YouTube) remains the main video site, while VEVO came in second. Facebook was one of the fastest growing video properties with a growth of more than 400%. (Source: comScore Video Metrix)

Within these insights already released by Comscore, it is worth highlighting the increase in video consumption, especially in Facebook, because if YouTube increased by 18% and Facebook by 400% the number of video views, this means that the overall video consumption in the internet is growing exponentially.

Another point, the recent update of the Facebook feed and timeline will give more space for images and videos, what we are witnessing is a revolution in the way (one more) of doing digital marketing.

Companies and agencies should understand and anticipate and start working with video as the main channel of disclosure.

Short videos, following the same criteria as the quality content adopted to achieve virality in the articles and podcasts should be followed in the videos.

Soon I will make a post just talking about the importance of video for digital marketing, however only with this data, we can realize that marketing using video is an essential path and no return.